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Welcome to Decision Consequence, a site dedicated to the new defunct television series Day Break. Be warned, gentle reader, that this site contains Spoilers for the show, and, lets face it, nonsense.

Day Break is the story of Brett Hopper, a young detective who's sent a magical hourglass by wise old ADA Garza that allows him to retry a day of his life again and again until he gets it right, or the show is cancelled by ABC. 

On the way to cancellation, Brett, or Hop as playful drug kingpin Damien likes to call him, will meet a host of colourful character. We will take a look at these character, most of whom are deeply and irretrievably corrupt, and even those who aren't have at least killed someone, over in the Character Guide.

If you'd like to look at an overview of Hop's story, we also have an Episode Guide which comprehensively includes every single episode ever made - which numbers into the 13s.

Day Break On DVD

Of course, one of the problems with a TV show that was only half shown on TV is actually getting to watch the thing. However, BCI have actually got round to putting out a DVD set, and at the moment you can pick it up from Amazon for under $20, which is a bit of a bargain.